FOOM Refillable Cartridge X Pack (3pcs) | FOOM Lab Global
FOOM Refillable Cartridge X Pack (3pcs)
FOOM Refillable Cartridge X Pack (3pcs)
FOOM Refillable Cartridge X Pack (3pcs)

FOOM Refillable Cartridge X Pack (3pcs)

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Durability & Affordable

The First-ever Device with prefilled and refillable cartridge options in Indonesia
“FOOM X” stands for “More”, not the letter X. Because we give you more improvement & experience; this is why FOOM used the X

FOOM X comes in a variety of colors to EXPRESS YOURSELF. With the improvements that we’ve made, we want you to Experience Freedom by choosing anything you like. E.g. music genre, activity, etc.

Package Includes: 3 pcs Refillable Cartridge X


- Capacity: 2ml
- Resistance: 0.8 ohm
- Puff: 230 puffs
- Power: 11 w
- Double leaking protection

Materials: Stainless Steel Mesh Coil

How to use the products:

Things you need to make sure of before using the Refillable Cartridge Pod X:
1. Cartridge is not empty (best use with Foom Liquid)
2. Check the refillable cartridge condition and make sure it is dry/no leakage (using a tissue to clean up)
3. Wait for a while after filling the refillable cartridge (for 3 minutes) to make the liquid absorbs well

How to care the products:

1. Avoid wet areas
2. Minimize leaking as follow :
- Remove the cartridge while charging the battery
- Remove the cartridge while not used
- Remove the cartridge while in airplane mode
- Always check and clean the cartridge regularly using tissue

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