[NEW] Icy Grape - Icy Fruity Series | FOOM Lab Global
[NEW] Icy Grape - Icy Fruity Series
[NEW] Icy Grape - Icy Fruity Series
[NEW] Icy Grape - Icy Fruity Series

[NEW] Icy Grape - Icy Fruity Series

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FOOM hadir dengan varian Fruity terbaru with a far more freshing taste for you to enjoy!

Icy Grape
- Rasakan buah anggur yang manis dengan sensasi dingin menyegarkan! Mengingatkan mu dengan jus anggur favorit yang bikin ketagihan!

Rasakan sensasi kesegaran
yang memanjakan dirimu dan momen-momen manismu!
Feel the #DifferentKindOfFresh

Materials and Ingredients:

Saltnic PG:VG 50:50
USP Propylene Glycol
USP Vegetable Glycerin
Natural Flavor

How to use the products:
Bottle 30 ML We made it with a special bottle (Foom signature)
To open the bottle cap push down the cap and turn the cap counterclockwise and it safe for children
To fill on the refillable cartridge Shake well before every use push the bottle until the liquid dropped

How to care the products:
Please store the product in a cool and dry place (room temperature: 20 - 25 C)
Avoid from direct sunlight
Keep the cap bottle closed after using the products

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